Design Review – Screening/Fence Specifications

  1. A Design Review Application must be submitted for approval to the Design Review Committee for all Screening/Fences prior to installation.
  2. A Zoning permit must be obtained in accordance with the City of Centerville prior to any work being initiated.
  3. Application must be accompanied by a plot plan indicating in scale the location of the house and the proposed screen/fence.  In addition, literature showing the exact screen/fencing to be used must be submitted.
  4. Acceptable fencing style is aluminum or wrought iron.  No solid wall wood, split rail or PVC fencing is acceptable. (Wood or PVC fencing may be acceptable for neo-traditional lots in Georgetown Commons per allowed in the platting.  No fences are allowed in the Links or Highlands east of Paragon Road as identified in the platting.)
  5. Screening may be natural wood or PVC but can not be a solid wall. Length will be approved based upon a site inspection.  Maximum height six feet.
  6. Depending on the site, landscaping may be required to hide the screen or fence.
  7. Fencing may not encroach into front (corner lots have two fronts) or side yards of the home without special approval and never on the perimeter of the lot.  (Exception estate lots side yards)
  8. There will be a minimum of a 5-foot setback from the lot line or easement and a 40-foot rear lot line setback on golf course lots.

(Please review Design Review Guideline page 8 WALLS AND FENCES.  The Design Review Committee will consider exceptions requested on a case by case basis.)