Design Review – Dish/Antenna Specifications

  1. A Design Review Application must be submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval by the Committee prior to any installation, with an in-scale drawing of location.
  2. If applicable, the appropriate building permits must be obtained in accordance with the City of Centerville prior to any work being done.
  3. Dish must not be visible from the street or golf course when going by your  house.
  4. Dish to be located on or within 3 feet of the house.
  5. Maximum dish size 24 inches.
  6. Landscaping to hide dish must hide it from view immediately, not after growth of planting.
  7. Exceptions may be made if there is interference in obtaining a clear line of site to the sattelite.  Example:  Trees, Buildings

(Covenants and Restrictions Article VII, Sections 2,3 & 8 – Article VIII, Section l,m)

All dishes will be approved providing the placement meets the specifications above.