915 Yankee Trace Drive

Rental Policies & Procedures (Usage/Cleaning Fee Required)

The Yankee Trace Community Room is located at the intersection of Yankee Trace Drive and Vintage Green Way. It is a lovely building with entertaining space accommodating up to 25 people with seating for 20. The facility has a full kitchen and ample parking. Association members should consider the Community Room as an extension of their home for entertaining large groups.

Who may use the Community Room?

Yankee Trace Homeowner Association members in good standing.

When is Community Room Available?

The Community Room is only available prior to the pool opening and after the pool is closed for the season.

How may the Community Room be used?

  • It may not be used for civic or business meetings.
  • The Community Room may be used for parties, luncheons and general social events.
  • The guests are by invitation only. Events are never ‘open to the public’.
  • The Homeowner must be present at the entire event. Homeowner is responsible for their guest’s behavior.
  • Use of the Community Room does not include the pool.
  • The Community Room is a non-smoking facility.
  • Alcohol may be served (not sold) to persons of legal drinking age, at the Homeowners risk.
  • The Community Room noise level must not be loud enough to disturb the neighboring homeowners.
  • Homeowner agrees to restore Community Room to its original condition and dispose of all trash after the event.

Is there a cost?

  • The Homeowners Association Board and its sanctioned committees may hold business meetings at the Community Room without cost.
  • Yes, in order to keep the Community Room in good condition and create a reserve for future replacements/additions of furniture and appliances, a usage fee will be assessed. A damage deposit will also be required.
  • Usage/Cleaning Fees: $75.00 Damage Deposit: $150.00 {Two separate checks}
  • The Damage Deposit will be refunded if Community Room is restored to its original condition. Condition will be assessed by Community Room Coordinator the morning following the event. Damage Deposit may be used to clean or repair Community Room. If additional money is required to restore Community Room, the Homeowner will be billed incrementally.
  • The cancellation policy is all usage fees and damage deposit monies are refundable if the event is cancelled 30 days prior to the event date. If cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event only the damage deposit will be refunded.

When is the Community Room available?

  • Weekdays: noon-10:00 pm and Weekends & Holidays: 10:00 am-11:00 pm.
  • All events must end promptly at the designated closing hour. Failure to comply may result in the loss of Damage Deposit and the loss of future use of the Community Room.
  • Holiday dates are available on a first come first serve basis.

How do I reserve the Community Room?

  • Contact Sarah Luttrell, Towne Properties by phone, 937-222-2550, via email at SarahLuttrell@towneproperties.com or at Towne Properties, 6540 Centerville Business Parkway, Centerville, OH 45459 prior to event.
  • If date is available, complete Reservation Form and return with a $75.00 cleaning fee made payable to Yankee Trace Community Association, and damage deposit check of $150.00 made payable to Yankee Trace Community Association to Paige Swallow at Towne Properties 6540 Centerville Business Parkway Centerville, OH 45459 prior to the event. Your date is not reserved until payment is received by the Community Room Coordinator.
  • After your event, the Community Room Coordinator will inspect the Community Room and determine if deposit is refundable. If refundable, the Homeowners original check will be returned. Homeowners are welcome to accompany the Community Room Coordinator on their inspection. Inspections are done the day after the event.

Additional Notes

  • No additional furniture or decorations attached to the walls or hung from fans may be used in order to prevent damage to the flooring or walls.
  • The Homeowner agrees to clean and remove all trash from the Community Room.
  • The Homeowner making the reservation agrees to be in attendance for the ENTIRE duration of the event and takes responsibility for the conduct of all guests.
  • The Homeowner agrees to end the event promptly at the designated closing time.
  • The Homeowner agrees to be responsible for any damages that occur during the event and assures that all Community Room rules are followed. Charges for damages will be equal to replacement cost.