Design Review – Swingset/Playset Specifications

  1. A Design Review Application must be submitted for approval to the Design Review Committee for all Swingset/Playsets prior to installation.
  2. If applicable, the appropriate building permits must be obtained in accordance with the City of Centerville prior to any work being initiated.
  3. All swingsets/playsets must be constructed of wood.
  4. All tents/flags/canopies must be of a single, neutral color (Gray, Green, Beige). Stripes are not acceptable.
  5. If the homeowner wishes to place a base under the swingset/playset, the base is also subject to Design Review Committee approval.  This includes bases of gravel, mulch, etc.
  6. Any swingset/playset with a base other than grass which is visible from the street may require additional landscaping to provide a natural barrier.
  7. The homeowner is responsible to maintain, repair and/or replace swingset/playset.  All must be kept in good condition.