Frequently Asked Questions

When are Quarterly Fees Due? – 1st day of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, October).  A 10% late fee is assessed if not received by the 15th.

Can I park on the streets overnight? – The streets within Yankee Trace are the responsibility of the City of Centerville for maintenance, snow removal and repairs. Ordinances of the City prevail. Due to the narrow streets, the Association requests that homeowners park in their driveways so as not to present a problem for emergency vehicles.

Who takes care of the mailboxes? – The upkeep and maintenance of all mailboxes is the homeowner’s responsibility. Replacement parts are available in small quantities from the Association. Email or call Towne Properties at 937-222-2550 to obtain cost information.

Can I make changes to the exterior of my home? – Yes, but must be approved by the Association.  A Design Review application must be completed when any exterior change is made.  Such application should be made at least 30 days prior to commencement of the change.  An example of changes includes additions, concrete changes, painting, roofing, landscaping addition or removal, air conditioner location, generator addition, satellite dish addition, etc.  For those homes adjacent on the golf course, the Association must obtain city approval also.

Can I leave my trash cans outside? – Trash cans cannot be left in public view other than the evening prior and on the day of regular trash pickup.  The Association prefer all cans to be inside of the garage but the CCR’s do allow outside enclosures that have been approved by the Design Review Committee.

What should I tell my realtor as I sell my home? – Yankee Trace Covenants allow only one sign per property. Our community allows only a specific style sign which is available at Designs Now, 937-293-7545. Realtors should be aware of these requirements and check our website under Selling My Home tab for realtor information.

Can I have a satellite dish? – Yes, but requires Design Review Committee approval for location. Spec sheet available on web site.

Who plows the snow? – The dedicated streets of Yankee Trace are plowed by the City of Centerville. Alleys and private eyebrows are plowed by the Association.

I live in the Villa/Terraces area, when is my lawn mowed? – Lawn Mowing occurs weekly April through October weather permitting for Villa/Terrace homes only.  An additional fee is assessed.

Who rakes and removes leaves? – Resident are responsible for having leaves removed from their yard.  The City of Centerville provides leaf pickup beginning in late October and ending early in December. Residents are asked to rake and pile leaves on the edge of their property (not on the street), avoiding curb areas as not to impede storm water runoff. (Check the City’s website for exact dates of collection.)

Question, Comments or Concerns:  Email or call Towne Properties at 937-222-2550.

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