Late night vandalism has been reported in buildings under construction in the new Savanah Place area.  Graffiti and damage was reported by residents.  Please be sure to report any such activity to the Centerville Police.

There have been two incidents of vandalism along Yankee Street and Winding Green Way/Greenside Court.  Someone is destroying gas light globes and heads.  To date, seven post lights have been damaged.  The Association has involved the Police and ask residents throughout Yankee Trace to be alert to such vandalism.  Officer Ed Skinner, our community liaison, say to call the police at 934-433-7661 with any one or situation that seems unusual in the Community.  Thanks for your help!

The City of Centerville has notified the Trustees of their annual 2021 Street Resurfacing Program.  Work is scheduled to begin in April and be completed by October 2021.  While the program is citywide, the following streets in Yankee Trace are affected.  Centerville residents are not assessed for this work and all efforts will be made to maintain one-way traffic in the following areas:

  • Bentgrass Lane (Yankee Trace Drive to terminus)
  • Kenworthy Place (Yankee Trace Drive to terminus)
  • Villa Vista Place (Yankee Trace Drive to terminus)
  • Wedgecreek Place (Yankee Trace Drive to terminus)
  • Wedgestone Court (Yankee Trace Drive to terminus)
  • Yankee Trace Drive (From Club View Drive to Yankee Trace Drive)

If you have any questions please contact David Watts, Construction Inspector or James Brinegar, City Engineer at the Public Works Office at 937-428-4782


Many people have asked about maintaining and repairing their mail boxes.  Homeowners are responsible to assure numbers are well displayed and mailboxes are maintained with occasional painting, etc.  Parts for mailboxes, including numbers and flags are available through the HOA.  Below is a parts list with prices.  Contact Towne Properties at 937-222-2550 and describe your need, they will help connecting you with the right person.

YANKEE TRACE Mail Box Parts List